Our communities

O`KEY has developed a charity and social investment programme designed to align the Group’s objectives with addressing the broader social problems of the local communities. We work together with local authorities, business partners, non-governmental organisations and our customers for the benefit of local communities as a whole.

In line with our mission, we place particular emphasis on targeted assistance and support programmes helping orphans and children lacking parental care, as well as large families with five or more children.

Treatment Support

In 2018 O`KEY continued cooperation with Rusfond to help children with serious illnesses. This year O`KEY and Rusfond have decided to focus on the targeted control of oncohematological diseases. The funds raised will be used for the treatment and rehabilitation of specific children requiring a bone marrow transplant, and also to develop the Russian marrow donor registry dedicated to Vasya Perevoshchikov. O`KEY will allocate a portion of the funds raised from the campaign to pay for the analysis and typing of potential marrow donors.

Our other loyal partner is the St. Petersburg charitable fund AdVita, a foundation dedicated to helping children and adults suffering from cancer. We organised a variety of campaigns in our St. Petersburg stores throughout 2018 to raise funds for AdVita and placed donation boxes next to check-outs for our customers to be able to help those in need.

Supporting Vulnerable Groups

We have an ongoing programme for helping vulnerable groups. For six years we have been offering holders of state social cards an additional 3% discount at our stores in Moscow and the Moscow region, the Krasnoyarsk region and Murmansk. The discount does not apply to alcohol and tobacco products.