Human rights and diversity

O`KEY Group realises the positive impact of diversity and of working with people of different nations and backgrounds. We are also trying to increase ethnic diversity throughout the business.

Ethics and compliance

O`KEY Group believes that it has a responsibility to uphold fundamental human and labour rights. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity, to fully comply with internal rules and principles and regulatory requirements. The Group adheres to the principle of zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination.

Our employees are expected to abide by a set of clearly communicated formal policies, including:

  • Supplier selection Policy and Policy of choosing a counterparty
  • Policy of interaction with state bodies
  • Anti-corruption policy

Preventing Corruption

O`KEY Group has a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption. The Company is constantly upgrading its anti-corruption policies to enhance the level of transparency of all the related procedures and operations. As well as preventing any cases of corruption, the Company promotes the anticorruption education for its employees.

O`KEY’s Group is imposing its anti-corruption policy internally as well as on our suppliers and partners. Any suspicious behavior is investigated according to our rules and policies and relevant measures are taken, including the information received inside the Company or from our partners via the hotline.