Health and safety

O`KEY has been gradually reducing the number of work-related injuries over the past four years. This great achievement is the result of effective occupational health and safety management system. We constantly reduce work-related hazards and make sure that our employees have safe working conditions, and our customers have a comfortable shopping environment. 

O`KEY has implemented integrated systems for the regular tracking of working conditions and for logging all accidents and injuries. We have a Labour Protection and Occupational Health, Environmental, Industrial and Fire Safety Policy. In 2018, the current policy was extended until 2023. We have a systematic approach for investigating any accidents involving our employees or customers. In 2018, the total number of accidents amounted to 35, which is 15 less than in previous year. Two of these incidents were fatalities. Investigation proved that those incidents were not related to work and occurred due to natural reasons.

In order to minimise occupational safetyrelated risks, we conduct a regular audit of our stores, distribution centres and workplaces to ensure they are in full compliance with Russian legislation. In 2018, specialists from the Labour Protection Department conducted 446 comprehensive inspections of our premises with regards to labour protection and fire safety in order to reduce the risk of penalties from the supervisory authorities. In 2019, we are going to assess working conditions on the rest of work places. O`KEY is going to develop Occupational Risk Management System and implement an action plan for the development of labour protection culture.