Environmental responsibility

We believe that having a responsible approach to the environment is an integral component of being successful in the market in the long term. Running our business in strict compliance with Russian environmental legislation is a fundamental priority for O`KEY. To ensure compliance, we conduct regular internal audits.
We also perform quarterly monitoring of atmosphere and noise pollution in the buffer zone to make sure that our stores have no negative impact on the living conditions of local communities. 

Energy efficiency

We equip our stores with modern recuperators and energy-efficient lights to reduce our total energy consumption. In 2018, the total energy consumption YoY decreased by 8%. We have implemented various measures for improving energy efficiency, such as: 

  • replacing outdated luminescent lighting with led lamps;
  • replacing outdated refrigeration elements and conditional systems with leading energy-saving devices; 
  • replacing neon signboards with ledsignboards;
  • control of energy use in our hypermarkets.

Waste management

We conduct separate waste collection in all our stores to reduce the amount of waste to be disposed of at city landfills. Biological waste and lamps are transported to special factories, recyclable waste such as polythene film, plastic boxes and wastepaper is pressed and sold for further recycling. We also collect and sell for recycling banana boxes, waste oil, pallets and metal scrap. All waste management processes are regulated by waste management policy which is implemented in all our stores. 

We have also installed water-treatment facilities in our key locations of operation which include: petrol and sand catchers, filtering stormwater from parking zones and grease catchers filtering waste from our own-production facilities before it is disposed into the public sewers. In 2018, we upgraded our water-treatment facilities in St. Petersburg, which ensured the reduction of any negative impact on water bodies.